Thursday, March 31, 2011

Straight cop loves getting head

Hey, everyone. I am really sorry I haven't posted on lately. I've been super busy with work, school...and partying. Celebrated a birthday week and SXSW was in full swing. There was a parties and concerts every night. I really haven't had much sex in the last few weeks mostly jerking off. Was able to convince my cop friend J to drop by and feed me his cock. I first met him on Craigslist. He was looking for a bj. We met on and off to hook up. I never knew he was a cop until he was showed up at my job. Someone had been caught stealing and APD (Austin Police Department and I work in retail) had been called. He showed and needles to say it was a bit awkward. I text him a few days later. I told him to show up in his uniform. He did and needles to say...totally HOT!

I was at work a few days ago. J had text me earlier asking if he could drop by and get some head. I told him I was working and couldn't do it. Good thing it was a slow day at work. I asked if I could go home early. They let me go home. I text J  while I was going home. He told me he would be at my place in 30 minutes. He showed up in his uniform which totally turns me on. It had to be a quickie because he was on duty. As soon as he walked I got on my knees. I chewed on his cock through his pants and it started growing. He unzipped and pulled his cock. I grabbed it and licked the head. I put my mouth on the head and slowly sucked it. I strated sucking feeling it grow harder in my mouth. I slowly sucked it all the way down to the shaft. I lightly sucked it putting very little pressure and suction. Just lightly glided my lips up and down his shaft. The entire time I lick the tip of his cock with my tounge. I started sucking harder on it. He told me to pull his balls out and suck them. I did as he said. I lick his balls and gently tugged on them with me teeth, I sucked on his balls and got both of them in my mouth. He let out an soft moan. He pulled his balls out of my mouth. He started rubbing his cock along my lips. I open my mouth and slapped my tounge with his cock. He squeezed and rubbed the precum on my tounge. It tasted so sweet. I sucked on his cock and he just stood there with his arms at his waist just looking at me. I sucked on only the head for a bit. I licked and sucked on his cock for about 5 minutes. After a bit he grabbed my head and slowly started fucking my face. He would hold my head and force it down my throat. He face fucked me for a bit longer. I started sucking his cock again. He ran his hands through my hair and grabbed the back of my head with both hands. He was looking down at me while he fucked my mouth. He than told me, "I'm gonna hit it just like a pussy.". And he did for a bit. Made me deepthroat it and gag on it. He sat down on the couch and told me to swallow his nut. I started sucking his cock harder. He started say "I'm almost there. Keep going. That's it...keep going. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum.". He grabbed the back of my head with both hands. He pushed my head all the way down on his cock. He started cuming and I started swallowing his cum. While he shot down my throat he said,"Swallow! Fucking swallow it and don't spill a drop on my uniform.". And of course I did I swallow it all. After he calm down he zipped up and told me he needed that nut. He left satisfied and I had a sore throat and a stomach with a four day load of cum in it. But satisfied also.


  1. FUCKING HOT!!! Thanks for the wood that will last all weekend thinking of that hot story! "Swallow! Fucking swallow it and don't spill a drop on my uniform." will be in my dreams for months!

  2. way freaking hot. I just found your blog. I am now going to do some exploring