Thursday, April 28, 2011

UT buddy

This is my friend M from UT I met not long ago. We met through my friend S and I always thought he was really cute. We hit it off right away and hung out alot. He became my "movie" buddy. We've flirted with each other but nothing really has come of it. I told S (one of my gal pals) during happy hour that I thought he was really cute. She giggled and told me that she's seen me flirting with him. I told her it was just harmless fun and he went along with it too. She told me that she had hooked up with him and he had a huge cock. That intrigued me. So, I decided from that moment on I wanted to see "it" for myself. I decided to actually step up my flirting and see how I could get into his pants. Every time we hung out we always ended talking about sex. I know he's straight for the most part because he would tell me about all the girls he would talk to. He would even tell me stories about them. We went back to my apartment to hang out. We started talking about sex like we always do. We started getting into more details about what we like doing sexually. I told him how much I love giving head. He said he's never been able to cum with just someone sucking him off. He usually has to jerk off and than let them suck it when he cums or just jerk off. I told him that I've never really had that type of problem. He laughed and smiled. He asked if I was that good. I told him I've been giving head since I was 13yrs old. I had plenty of practice. I told him I could show him someday if he wanted? He just smiled and gave me a small little grin. "I guess you could do that?" M said while he adjusted himself. "Really?" I was kinda surprised he was so forward to answer me. M just smiled, "Yea, I'm kinda easy that way.". I took it as my cue. I leaned over and grabbed his cock through his cargo shorts. He had a semi and from what S told me...she wasn't lying about the size. I grabbed his cock and got between his legs. I nibbled on it through his shorts. I could feel it getting harder in my hand. I undid his shorts and pulled them down. His cock automatically poked out through his boxers. He looked so hot sitting there with a helpless goofy lustful grin and a huge cock poking out waiting to be sucked. I immediately grabbed his cock and licked the head. He moaned softly and closed his eyes. I thought to myself, I'm gonna give him the best head of his life and make sure he gets off with just my mouth with no help from him. I began my "mission" to do so. I licked the head very lightly. I put my mouth on the head and gently sucked on it. Than I opened my mouth and softly sucked the rest of his cock. I started soft and slowly sucking his cock. Licking the head with my tongue the entire time. He was loving it. He would look at me every once in a while, while I sucked it. I squeezed his cock and a drop of precum gathered on the slit and swirled it around the head with my tongue. He grabbed me by the hair and moved my mouth off his cock. He grabbed his cock and squeezed more precum out of his cock. I stuck my tongue out and licked it. He slapped my mouth with his cock. He pushed me down on his cock and I started sucking it. I went all the way down on his cock. I deepthroated him. He let out a huge moan saying, "OH MY GOD!" and grabbed the back of my head and held me down on his cock. "No one has ever deepthroated me before. That was awesome." M said with just a huge surprise on his face. I decided to deepthraot him again. He let out a huge gasp. I stayed on his cock for about 10 seconds deepthraoting him the entire time. He was so turned on. His cock was so hard in my mouth. I again started slowly sucking his cock. Than gradually started sucking harder and adding more suction. I looked up at M and he had his eyes closed and mouth wide open. As I kept sucking him I felt his hands behind my head. I knew he was getting ready to blow. He started whispering and repeating "Oh, God." while he pushed my head down. That lasted about 30 seconds. "I'm gonna cum!" M yelled and he pushed my head all the way down his cock. I grabbed his hips and deepthroated him while he shoot a huge load down my throat. He was arching his back, leaning forward and his legs were twitching a bit. As soon as he calm down he was sweating and breathing heavily. I squeezed his cock and licked up the last few drops of his cum. He twitched some more while I did this. He finally opened his eyes and smiled at me. "WOW! I've never cum like that before. That was amazing.". I smiled at M. "I'm glad you liked it. Maybe you can let me do it again sometime? I would love to swallow another load." I told M while I was still sucking and licking his cock.  "Fuck yea! That was the best fucking head I've ever gotten. You're the only who has gotten me off like that. You think I'm gonna say no to letting you suck me off again? Fuck no. I could use it everyday. But Jasen I am 18 and if you keep sucking it, it won't go down.". We both laughed and I told M I would suck him off everyday if he let me. Well, I haven't sucked him off everyday but he did text me the next day wanting to drop by for a quick nut. I've sucked him off a few times since than. I don't know if I should tell S? She hasn't asked me about him but I haven't told her yet. Maybe over happy hour again?

I got the cock picture from him the last time I sucked him. I told him I didn't know if I had time to. I was running late for work. He text me the picture, saying this is what he had for me. Love how forward he is.

Straight guy who just wanted a straight bud to j/o with (Part 3)

Hey, you guys. Sorry, I haven't written lately. Doesn't mean I haven't done anything or messed around with any of these guys. But nothing really I think has been blog worthy. J and I have gotten together a few more times since the last time I posted. But nothing really more than him jerking off or I help him with it. But it just hasn't felt right to make a move. J called me last week and asked what I had planned for the evening. I told him I was at UT until 6pm because I was studying with some friends in the library. He asked if I wanted to hang out and grab a beer. He's girlfriend is out of town for a few days and he just wanted to relax and kick back. I told him I would meet him at a bar but he wanted to meet at his place later on. I went home worked out and freshen up. I met him at his place around 8:30pm. We sat on his couch had some beers, talked and caught up on everything going on. He asked again if my "girlfriend" wanted to try the 3some. I finally told him that she was down for it because he always ask everytime I see him. He got really excited. He asked me when we could all get together? I told him I wasn't sure because our schedules are always so hectic. He told me how glad he was we met. He went on and on about how excited he was. How much he really wanted this. How he was looking for someone to share it with because his girl wouldn't do it. How he was really excited to try "new" things. I told him I was really excited and couldn't wait either. He asked me what all I wanted to do. I told him I wanted us to have a few drinks first to relax. I wanted to make out and just go slowly and just move my hands over everyone. I wanted to kiss, lick and suck every inch of them both. He smiled and told me that was really hot. By this time we were both buzzed and he was getting turned on. I asked him what he wanted. He said he wanted the same. He told me that he watched a bi porn to get used to the idea of another guy. I asked him how he liked it. He said he really got into it. He couldn't wait until we tried it. He liked how much the actors were into it. He hopes the three of us will be also. I told him I sure will be. He laughed and asked if I wanted to see the bi porn he told me about. I told him I did and asked if he had any lube.He smiled at me and went into his room to grab it. He put on the porn and sat down with the lube and towels. We watched it and I could see he was hard from the moment he put the porn on. We were both rock hard and rubbing our cock through shorts. J was really into the porn and I was really into him. We both took off our shorts. I had no underwear on but he was wearing boxerbriefs. He slowly stroked his cock.though his underwear. I told him he should take them off. He pulled them off and asked if I had the lube. I handed him the lube but when I handed it to him I brushed the head of his cock with my hand. He grabbed the lube but just put it next to him. He stroked his cock while watching the porn. After a while he leaned forward to pull his shirt off. I leaned over and grabbed the lube. I poured some on my hand and than leaned over and poured a little on his cock. Than I grabbed his cock and started stroking it slowly with my hand. He moaned leaned his head back and closed his eyes. I was pretty much laying on my side on the couch while I stroked him. I stroked his cock with my hand slowly teasing the head. I made long twisting motions and stroked his cock up and down. I loved how he would gently moan and sigh while I did this. I could tell he was really into it. Every once in a while he would look down at my hand while I stroked him. I would go slow and speed up and slow down again. I would squeeze his cock from the base to see his precum collect on the tip of his cock. Than I would roll it around with my thumb all over his head. He than slowly started to fuck my hand. I squeezed his cock a little more and he loved it. He moaned while he did it. Loved seeing his hips move back and forth while he fucked it. I guess because I was a little buzzed and he was so into fucking my hand but than I did something I saw in a porno. While he fucked my hand slowly I licked the tip of his cock when it popped up. As soon as I did that he gasped. But he didn't stop. He pumped his hips even slower. I didn't move my hand or mouth. He looked at me but was really looking at his cock fucking my hand and teasing my tongue. Than he lean back again and closed his eyes. I moved my mouth over his cock the next time he pushed it through my hand. He let out a loud moan but kept his eyes closed. I than work on his cock with my mouth. I slowly and lightly sucked his cock. I licked the head and I could taste his precumdeepthroated his cock and he just let out a loud sigh. I would add some light suction while I sucked him. J than whispered, " I can't wait for our 3some. I don't know if you would let me but I would love to have you and your girl take turns riding me.Maybe I can eat her out while you ride me. That would be amazing." I couldn't believe what he was saying. I just barely was able to suck his cock and now he's saying he wants to fuck me too. I licked his cock a little more. I grabbed the lube and poured more of it on his cock. I stood up and leaned over and asked him if how he wanted my girlfriend and I. He said he described how he wanted her to sit on his face while I lowered myself on him. He loves anal but his girlfriend doesn't like care to much for it. He sat on the sofa and I climbed on top of him. I leaned over and told him how I was gonna ride him while he ate out my girlfriend. I was rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks. I loved the way his cock would slide back and forth and rub my hole. "Maybe we should stop this. Wait until she's here with us." J said . He had his eyes closed, mouth open and breathing heavily. "I just want to make sure we are comfortable with each other and nothing is gonna make us uncomfortable." I told J as I leaned back a bit. In doing that I felt the head of his cock poke my hole and I moved my ass to let it pop in. When the head of his cock popped in he let out an "OH MY GOD!". I slowly slide back and forth on his cock while he just moaned with his head leaned back. His arms were spread on the couch and I rode him slowly. He didn't say a word. He just kept his eyes closed, kept breathing deeply and didn't touch me. I moved my hips slowly feeling his cock in me. I would grip his cock with my ass. I would clench down on his cock while I rode him. Than in less than five minutes I heard him breathing heavier and moaning. I sat all the way down and I felt his cock start twitching. He didn't say a word. Just by the time he finished cuming, he was breathing as if he had run a mile. My cock was leaking precum all over his stomach. I would've jerked off but didn't know how he would react to this. I got up and felt his cock slide out of me. I looked at him but he still had his eyes closed. His cock was covered in cum and he had it dripping down his shaft and balls. I went to the bathroom to clean up. When I came back he was in his room showering. I got dressed and waited for him. He came out in a towel. He than told me he was tired and was going to go to sleep. He was gonna cut the night short. I told him it was fine. I let myself out. As I drove home I wondered how crazy this entire situation was. I wonder what J was thinking at the moment about what happened. I text him the next day but he didn't respond. Actually, he hasn't text me or called me since it happened.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Straight guy who just wanted a straight bud to j/o with (Part2)

Ok, so this is third time J and I have hung out. The second time was pretty much as the first. We haven't gotten together since this because of work and school. He text me asking if I had time to hang out. I actually did. He came over about 15 minutes later. We chatted and bullshit for a bit while I got everything set up in the bedroom. I went to get some towels in the cabinet. When I returned he was already naked and half hard. Watching some straight porn that he choose online. He was stroking and getting hard by the second. I got naked too and sat next to him. He asked  for some lube. I grabbed my bottle and was gonna handed to him but decided to be a bit bold. I opened it and poured it on his cock. He just looked at me and really didn't give me any type of expression. I told him that I always wanted a threesome with my "girl" and another dude. He laughed and thought that was awesome. I told him it had to be someone I felt comfortable with. Someone I could be relaxed with. J asked if I wanted just another dude to be there for her or for us both. I told him it was...whatever. He laughed and said he would volunteer. I asked if he was serious. J said he was. I asked if he would be comfortable with me "touching" him because I was curious about how it was like. He said he would ease into it. They entire time we're talking about this we're stroking our cocks. We were both rock hard. I know I was because I was looking at this hot guy stroking his cock. I don't know if he was turned on by the idea of a threesome or by the porno. I sat up and looked at him stroking his cock, look at the porno for a bit and back at him. He asked me when did I want to set this up. I told him I wasn't sure. It was just an idea. But before I could I wanted us both to be completely comfortable with each other. I didn't want something to happen and one of us freak out. He agreed with me. He's watching the porn the entire time and won't look at me. He seemed a little nervous. "I just don't want you to freak out if I grab your cock or touch you." I said while I watched him stroke his cock and he looked straight at the porn. "I wouldn't freak out with you." J said. I leaned over and grabbed the lube. I squeezed some on my hand. I leaned over and slowly reached for his cock. Looking at his face the entire time. I touched the head of it and he moved his hand. I slowly started stroking his cock with my right hand. He didn't flinch once or move his gaze from the tv. I stroked his cock slowly. He continued to watch the porn. Not looking at me once. I really wanted to lean over and start sucking his cock. But I could tell it might be too soon. I squeezed his cock from the base to the tip. A little precum came out. I use my thumb to rub it all over the head. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. I grabbed his balls and tugged them gently with one hand while I continued stroking his cock. J just moaned and slowly started pumping my hand. I kept my hand still and let him fuck it. I grabbed some lube with the other hand I opened it. Poured a little on my hand while he kept sliding his cock in and out. He moaned some more and started fucking my hand faster. I started stroking his cock while he did. I could tell he was close. He started moaning and breathing heavily. After a few minutes he started moaning and cuming in my hand. He shot a nice load. I had his cum all over my hand. He kept his eyes closed while he laid there. I reached over to get him a towel. I put the towel next to him. I walked into the bathroom to wash my hands. But when I walked in I licked the cum from my hand and fingers first before washing them. J got dressed while I was in the bathroom.I put on some boxers while we talked a bit. We didn't talk about what I did and I thought he was freaked out. He said he would text me later while he left. After J left I put on some porn and jerked off. Which didn't last very long because I was so turned on. LOL! Actually, J did text me the next day. he asked if I had asked my "girlfriend" about the threesome. I told him I hadn't

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sexy HUNG neighbor

As many of you know I have a sexy hung neighbor. Who we will call D. He lives with his girlfriend in the building next to me. We met online some time back. He was looking for a someone to fuck around with. His girlfriend doesn't like sex very much and he is a walking hard on. LOL! We've hooked up several times. Sometimes twice in one day. D is a great fuck. When we first me he told me that he was straight. Which I didn't think twice about but he just seemed a little to into it.  Most "straight" guys either just sit back and enjoy it or just fuck. But since the first time we fucked he was really into it. He was passionate. About the third time or so he actually starting kissing me. And ever since than he likes to kiss and really gets into it. Whenever we hook up I make sure I have about two hours to spare. He likes to take his time and cum more than once. Needless to say my mouth and ass are sore by the time we finish. He recently admitted to me that he thinks he might be bi. He's more into women but he really enjoys our fuck sessions. 
(LOL! I just got a text from him. He wants to come over. I'll be back.)
I'm back. LOL! That was awesome. I was about to blog about when we last hooked up but I guess i can tell you about this one. I was on my laptop typing when he text me, asking if I was free. I told him I was at home and he should drop by. It took him a total of 5 minutes to get here. D knocked and walked in wearing running shorts. No underwear. And as you can imagine he had a very nice bulge. I kept staring at it. I asked if anyone was outside when he walked over. He laughed and said no. D sat down and he asked if I was going to keep staring or help him with it. I kneeled between his legs and started nibbling his cock through his shorts. I pulled his shorts down and took them off. I started sucking his cock and I could feel his cock growing in my mouth. After a bit I could barely fit it in my mouth. It looks like a nice average size but when it grows...OMG! I can barely grip it with my hand. I love sucking his cock. I sucked his cock for a bit. Letting it get hard in my mouth. He than stood up and kicked off his shorts. Took off his t-shirt. He told me to follow him into my bedroom. I told him it was a mess. He said he didn't care. He wasn't here to see how clean it was. He sat down on the bed and he took off my boxers and shirt. He pulled me on top of him and started kissing me. He licked my lips and passionately kissed me. We kissed for about 10 minutes. The entire time rubbing our cocks together. I licked his neck and kissed it. I licked his neck and chest. I sucked his nipples. He moan a little and said he liked it. I licked a trail from his chest all the way down to his cock. I started sucking on it. It was rock hard. I swirled the head with my tongue. Gently stroked it while I did. He moaned and just kept breathing softly. He rubbed my shoulders as I lightly sucked his cock. He told me to lick his balls and suck on them. He kept looking at me doing this. I would gently lick them. I would tug on them with my teeth and make him moan. I went back to his cock and licked the shaft. Lightly sucking his cock. Lightly gliding my lips up the entire shaft. He grabbed the back of my head and would gently push my head down. D would moan, "Oh God". I told him I wanted to taste his cum. He said he would love to feed it to me. D than turned me around and laid me on my back. He climbed on top of me and moved up to my face. D rubbed his cock along my lips and told me to open my mouth. I opened it and leaned over me and slid his cock in my mouth. He slowly fucked my mouth. Gently at first. than started going further down my throat. D would say "Fuck yea" (He kept repeating it every time he slid his cock in my mouth) I grabbed his ass while he did this. He would fuck my mouth faster and make me gag on his cock. "Yea, that's it. Take that" he said to me. Looking right into my eyes as the watered from his cock. "You like that?" he asked me. I moaned to let him know I did. But I think he could tell I did because my cock was rock hard and dripping precum. He got on his back and told me to keep sucking his cock. I did as I was told. He put his hands back on my head and pushed me back down on his cock. "I love the way you suck my cock. That's it. Keep sucking. I love your lips.". He was telling me. Of course I was so turned on by this point. I think he could tell because I was REALLY into sucking his cock. "Oh, my God. I love your mouth but I wanna fuck you in the ass so bad. Would you like that?" I moaned yes. I got up and grabbed the lube. I kept sucking his cock but lubing it up at the same time. I got is hard and slick. He pushed me on my back. He took the bottle from me and started to lube me up. He poured it on my hole and on his fingers. He slowly stuck a finger in. He did that for a while. He knows if I am gonna get him in me I need him to loosen my hole. After a bit more he stuck two fingers on me. He slowly fucked me. I moaned as he did this. He than put a little more lube on his cock and on my hole. He put my legs over his shoulders and moved the tip of his cock up to my hole. slowly rubbed it and pushed it in. Even his head felt huge. I moan as I felt the head pop in. He pushed it in a little and I let out a moan/scream when he did. "Sshhh, sshhh. I'm sorry sorry sorry. It just feels so good." He slowly started sliding his cock. He would take his time to let me get  used to every inch of his cock. He would push it in slowly and tell me to squeeze his cock with my ass. It took a while before he could get his cock all the way in me. Once he did he tried pushing it in deeper. I moaned and told him I love the way he felt in me. He slowly fucked me. He would gently slid his cock in and out of me. I always let out a loud moan when he pushed it back in. He would lean over and start kissing me. Moving his tongue along mine and my lips. I wrapped my legs around him and dug my heels into his ass. He kept fucking my ass slowly and every once in a while I would squeeze my ass around his cock. He would let out a moan and bite down on my shoulder. "Do you like it when I fuck you slowly?" he whispered in my ear. I grabbed his ass and told him yes. He lifted himself up and looked at me,"You do. You like feeling every inch of me sliding into you.". He sat up and told me to get on all fours. He stood up on the floor while I was still on the bed. He grabbed my hips and in one huge trust he buried his cock in me all the way to the base. I let out a huge scream/moan. I stood right up when he did this. He immediately put his arm around my waist and covered my mouth with his hand. He pushed his cock further in my ass. He than proceeded to pound me hard. "You have such a sweet ass! I love that you can take my entire cock in you." he said while he kept fucking me. With each thrust I would let out a huge moan if it wasn't for his hand covering my mouth, I swear my neighbors would've heard us. He fucked me hard and fast for a little. He'd slow down and grind into me and than start over. Finally, He said he couldn't take it any more. He pushed me on all fours again grabbed my hips and started pounding me. I had to get a pillow to scream into. I squeezed my ass down on his cock while pounded me. "OH SHIT! That's it! I'm gonna make you take my load! You're gonna fucking take it!" and I felt him grab my hips tighter and than He let out a huge moan and started shooting in my ass. I could feel his cock twitching and cuming in me."Oh, shit..fuck." he kept repeating as he shot in me. Finally when he was calming down he collapsed on top of my back. His cock popped out and I could feel his cum dripping out. He asked if he really hurt me. I told him he didn't but I was gonna be sore. He smiled and walked into the bathroom to go shower. I followed and joined him.  
Than after we cleaned up and a quick blowjob in the shower, he left and I returned to finishing this. . 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Straight guy who just wanted a straight bud to j/o with

Well, of course you all know I am not straight. I saw an ad on Craigslist that seemed interesting. It was a "straight" guy looking for another "straight" guy to j/o with. That's all he wanted. He didn't want anything "gay". I was wondering what he was looking for exactly? I responded and he answered back in about 5 minutes. Saying he just wanted a bud he could jerk off with on occasion. Just something to relieve the tension when the girlfriend didn't put out. I told him I was looking for the same. We agreed to meet a few hours later downtown for a beer to see if we felt comfortable with each other. I just thought he was hot and wanted to get his cock in my mouth. We had a few beers and exchanged stories about our "girlfriends". I just used stories that my straight friends have told me about what's happened to them. He asked to see some pictures of her. Lucky, I had some pictures of me and my best girl (faghag) with me on my phone. He thought she was hot and I said the same about his. We were there for about 2 hours just talking. He told me that he felt relaxed with me and wanted to try it out. He is actually a really chilled guy. I enjoyed talking to him and getting to know him. If it wasn't for the fact I wanted to see his cock and hopefully suck it I would loved to stayed and chat some more. I told him we could go to my place if he wanted to. He said that was fine. I gave him the directions and we agreed to meet in about 20 minutes at my place. I got home and took out the straight porn I had on my computer. (I like straight porn. Well, for the guys and of course for the straight boys. Something they can to look at and get off with while I swallow their cocks.) I set it up and had it playing when he arrived. We sat on the couch and watched it. In about 30 seconds he was hard and so was I. I was hard because I was looking at his cock. He was just rubbing his cock through his shorts. I wanted to see his cock so I figured I would go first. I stood up and took my jeans and boxerbriefs off. He stood up and pulled his shirt and shorts off. He sat down. I told him to pull his underwear off too. He looked kinda nervous but he pulled them off. I noticed he had such a nice ass. I wanted to grab it but didn't want to scare him. He sat down and grabbed his cock and stroked it a little. He asked for some lube and I handed him the bottle. He squeezed it along the shaft and slowly stoked it. I did the same. For some reason as he stroked his cock it made that oily squishy sound and it was turning me on so much. I almost came just thinking about his cock and watching him. I only looked at his cock with my gaze. I didn't turn my head because I didn't want him to catch me. I was suppose to be straight with a girlfriend. He talked about how much he wanted to fuck the girl in the movie. How much he loved her tits and ass. I just agreed. He than told me how bad he needed a blow job. His girlfriend had been busy with work and school. They hadn't fucked in a while and he really needed to cum. I told him I love blowjobs. He was staring at the screen the entire time just stroking. He looked at me a few times but not enough to show there was an interest for anything else. I reached over to grab more lube and he twitched a little and asked what was I doing.  I told him I was grabbing lube. He laughed and said he thought I was gonna grab his cock. I laughed too and told him i wasn't. If I was going to I would wait until next time. He just gave me a weird look. i guess he was wondering if i was kidding or not. (I wasn't) I got the towels I had set out to use as our cumrags. I laid it on my stomach and started stroking my cock. I made some moaning noises and fucked my hand. Made sure he noticed it. He looked at me a few times and was stroking more intensely. He would go back and forth looking at me and the tv. I was doing the same but I made sure he saw me taking glances at his cock while he stroked it. While he stroked his cock in the twisting motion it made even more "noise" and I started cuming. I shot on my chest. Got most of it on the towel but a lot on me. A few seconds later he started shooting and moaning. He shot all over his chest but he got a few drops on my arm. I was surprised he came so much and shot so far. He saw the drops on my arm and apologized. I told him there were no worries, we're  buds. He just smiled and grabbed the towel and cleaned off. I tried to discreetly lick the cum from my arm. Not sure if he saw me? I know he looked at my arm and saw the smear mark. He got dressed and said he enjoyed it. Told me he wanted to do it again. Wasn't sure if he was serious or bullshitting but we've been texting everyday since. Nothing sexual really. Just how much fun he had "hanging" out and wants to again.