Thursday, March 31, 2011

Straight cop loves getting head

Hey, everyone. I am really sorry I haven't posted on lately. I've been super busy with work, school...and partying. Celebrated a birthday week and SXSW was in full swing. There was a parties and concerts every night. I really haven't had much sex in the last few weeks mostly jerking off. Was able to convince my cop friend J to drop by and feed me his cock. I first met him on Craigslist. He was looking for a bj. We met on and off to hook up. I never knew he was a cop until he was showed up at my job. Someone had been caught stealing and APD (Austin Police Department and I work in retail) had been called. He showed and needles to say it was a bit awkward. I text him a few days later. I told him to show up in his uniform. He did and needles to say...totally HOT!

I was at work a few days ago. J had text me earlier asking if he could drop by and get some head. I told him I was working and couldn't do it. Good thing it was a slow day at work. I asked if I could go home early. They let me go home. I text J  while I was going home. He told me he would be at my place in 30 minutes. He showed up in his uniform which totally turns me on. It had to be a quickie because he was on duty. As soon as he walked I got on my knees. I chewed on his cock through his pants and it started growing. He unzipped and pulled his cock. I grabbed it and licked the head. I put my mouth on the head and slowly sucked it. I strated sucking feeling it grow harder in my mouth. I slowly sucked it all the way down to the shaft. I lightly sucked it putting very little pressure and suction. Just lightly glided my lips up and down his shaft. The entire time I lick the tip of his cock with my tounge. I started sucking harder on it. He told me to pull his balls out and suck them. I did as he said. I lick his balls and gently tugged on them with me teeth, I sucked on his balls and got both of them in my mouth. He let out an soft moan. He pulled his balls out of my mouth. He started rubbing his cock along my lips. I open my mouth and slapped my tounge with his cock. He squeezed and rubbed the precum on my tounge. It tasted so sweet. I sucked on his cock and he just stood there with his arms at his waist just looking at me. I sucked on only the head for a bit. I licked and sucked on his cock for about 5 minutes. After a bit he grabbed my head and slowly started fucking my face. He would hold my head and force it down my throat. He face fucked me for a bit longer. I started sucking his cock again. He ran his hands through my hair and grabbed the back of my head with both hands. He was looking down at me while he fucked my mouth. He than told me, "I'm gonna hit it just like a pussy.". And he did for a bit. Made me deepthroat it and gag on it. He sat down on the couch and told me to swallow his nut. I started sucking his cock harder. He started say "I'm almost there. Keep going. That's it...keep going. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum.". He grabbed the back of my head with both hands. He pushed my head all the way down on his cock. He started cuming and I started swallowing his cum. While he shot down my throat he said,"Swallow! Fucking swallow it and don't spill a drop on my uniform.". And of course I did I swallow it all. After he calm down he zipped up and told me he needed that nut. He left satisfied and I had a sore throat and a stomach with a four day load of cum in it. But satisfied also.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Straight pizza guy

This past weekend was my birthday. Just been so busy with work and planning  my party. Now with SXSW. it's gonna be a long week. LOL! This is B. He's a straight guy I suck off and get fucked by. We met at UT last year. One night we went out to 6th Street to have some and blow off steam after finals. We went back to his place to keep having a few more beers. (Through out the entire year he always teased and told me how big his cock was. Of course I would always told him to pull it out and prove it. He would laugh and tell me "No way! You would like that too much.") Well, we drank some more and played on his Xbox. It was getting late. He got up and went to the bathroom and turned off the lights before he went in. After a few minutes he open the door and told me to close my eyes. He asked if they were closed. I said yes. I had my eyes closed when I heard the door open. I could hear him walking towards me. He told me to open my eyes. I did and he was standing in front of me wearing a t-shirt, no jeans, his boxers and a huge hard on was poking out through the opening. He wasn't lying...very nice cock!!!! He told me I could grab it if I wanted to but not to put it in my mouth. Of course when someone tells you not to do something. You do it. I stroked him  for a bit. He looked at me while I did. As soon as I put my mouth on his cock his jaw dropped, he slightly moaned and closed his eyes. He just stood there while I sucked his cock. He moved and laid on the bed. The entire time I was still sucking his cock. I slowly sucked his cock. I made sure I gave him a great blowjob. I loved his cock. For some reason the smell of beer on his breath and the fact that no other guy had ever touched his cock turned me on so much. I licked his balls and he let another moan. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed and he was loving it. I licked the head of his and than went all the way down on his cock. I deepthroated his cock all the way to the base. He let out a huge moan and said "If your mouth feels this good...I wonder what something else feels like?". I took that as a hint. I undid my shorts and pull them off along with my underwear. I squeezed his cock and had precum on the head of his cock and my hand. I climbed up on top of him and rubbed the head of his cock on my ass. I slowly lowered myself on it. I went slow but as soon as the head popped in he let out an " OH MY GOD!". I lowered myself on his cock slowly. I sat all the way down and fucked myself on it. I rode him for about 10 minutes and I loved the way his cock felt. Sliding in and out of my ass. He started moaning and telling me how good my ass felt. He grabbed my hips and started thrusting into me. About 30 seconds later he did one final thrust. He grabbed my hips, pushed me down on to his cock and thrust into me. I felt him start shooting his load into my ass. I loved the way his cock twitched and as he shoot his load I started squeezing my ass. That drove him wild. Every time I squeezed my ass he moaned. After he finished I got off of him and put on my shorts. I went to the bathroom and when I came out I went to the bed, B was asleep. I could hear him snoring. Which I found funny. He had just cum up my ass less than five minutes ago. I left and went home. I didn't see or hear from him for about a week. He called me the following Saturday and asked if I could meet him at his place because he wanted to talk to me. I met him an hour later and he asked me if we had sex the week before. He told me he first thought it was a dream but kept getting flashbacks through out the week. I told him I didn't want to lie to him, we did have sex. He than asked me if we could have sex again because he didn't really remember and wanted to know if he liked it. I almost laughed out loud. But he was HOT and I did want to have sex him again. I agreed. that's pretty much how I started out fucking.
For the last week B and I hung out everyday to help plan out my party. And of course we fucked everyday. Sometimes more than once. He spent the night twice this week and we fucked all night.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My co workers little brother wants to use my gloryhole

If you all remember I first hooked up with him about a year ago. He was on Craigslist looking to hook up with a girl. He was looking for some NSA release. He had his picture online. I always lusted over him. I emailed him and asked if I could suck his cock through my gloryhole. He responded back by saying he's not gay. I started to entice him by telling him how much i loved giving head. I went into detail how I would lick, suck and swallow his cock. After almost 5 hours of emailing back and forth he finally agreed to try it out. I told him if he didn't like it or wasn't enjoying it...he could leave. (I don't want to sound cocky but I knew that wouldn't be a problem.) I think he also like the fact that since it was a gloryhole it would be anonymous. He's never been to my place but his sister (My co worker) has. Needless to say he loved it. Said that it was the best head he's ever gotten. I've sucked him off since than. I see him at his sisters and at work all the time. He knows I'm gay. I like to flirt and play around with him. I tell him that i want to suck him off. He laughs and says he's not gay. That it would never happen. But I get a turn on/rush knowing that I do suck him off. I swallow his cum. He has face fucked me and told me to milk him and make him cum.

All day with my horny straight friend

I really didn't do much yesterday. I spent it all day with K. (Of course I don't want use his real name. Already bad enough I am posting his face.) He's a friend I met at UT. He called me in the afternoon wanting to "hang out". I know what that means. I wanna hang out for a bit, watch some porn, jerk off and shoot in your mouth. K is a little weird. He's a straight guy who like to jerk off to porn. But when he cums he'll shoot in my mouth. He won't let me touch his cock at all. I've tried to give him a hand job. I've even tried to suck on it while he shot in my mouth. And each time he pushes me away. I hadn't seen K in about a week or so. He came over and as soon as he walked in he asked if I had any new porn. I knew he was horned up and I was gonna get a mouthful. I told him I had downloaded a few new movies. (Yes, it was straight porn. I have straight porn for the straight guys who want to watch it while I work on their cock. I told him I have straight porn for the guys that are in it. Which is kinda true.) He asked if I could put some on. I did. He told me that It had been a week since he came. He started rubbing his cock through his jeans. His cock starting growing and I couldn't keep my eyes off it. He pulls his cock out and after a few minutes he is completely hard. He starts commenting on how hot the girl in the porn is. How much he wish he was the one banging her. He slowly stroked his cock and he had precum on the tip of it. He started squeezing it and making more come out. He picked it up with the tip of his finger. Looked over at me and asked me if I wanted it. He than fed it to me.
Reminded me of the first time it happened. I was staying at his place after a party he had. I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom. He was at his computer jerking off. He didn't hear me walking by. Well, I thought he didn't. After a few minutes He told me he knows I'm watching him. I told him I was sorry and was leaving when he said I could stay and watch if I wanted to. (Yes, he already knew I was before this.) I walked up to him and watched him jerk off. I tried to grab his cock but he moved my hand. I was just in awe on how huge his cock was. He than started moaning saying he was gonna cum. He started shooting all over his chest and abs. His chest and hand was covered in cum, I was surprised on how much he shot. He looked at me and smiled. I told him I wish he would have shot in mouth. He than asked me if I wanted it. I didn't say anything. He moved his hand to my mouth and I licked his fingers clean. He even fed me the cum from his chest. he pulled up his shorts and walked away. I went to the bathroom, which I was actually heading to when I saw him. Instead of peeing I jerked off and came so hard. I was so turned on watching K jerk off. I'm surprised I didn't cum on the spot when he fed me his load. It happened again 2 weeks later. But this time it was at my place. That was about 2 years ago. I've been trying to suck his cock since than. But all I get is him shooting in my mouth. 
K asked if I had any lube. I got him some and poured some on his cock. He kept stroking his cock and for some reason the way it sounds when he strokes it always turned me on. He started saying how much he wished he could get a blowjob. And before I could respond he shot me down. Saying he wasn't gay and he didn't want a guy sucking his cock. I told him I had a fleshjack and how good it felt. I went to go grab it. I told him it was clean. I hadn't used it in a few weeks. I asked him if I could use it on him. I wouldn't be touching him just using something on him. He agreed but was a little hesitant. I started stroking his cock with it. He loved it! He moaned instantly when I first slid his cock into it. I used it on him for like 5 minutes. I realized he had his eyes closed and breathing heavily. I was ssooo turned on. I think that's why I did it but I pulled his cock out of the fleshjack and I immediately swallowed all of it. As soon as i did that he open his eyes looked down at me and just screamed "OH. MY GOD!". He tried to pull me off but I grabbed his hips and stayed on. He wasn't trying very hard to pull me off. I kept sucking his cock. He stopped trying after a bit. He was on the sofa with his eyes closed, pants around his ankles, I'm finally swallowing his cock and he was loving it. I could tell he was getting close. His eyes were closed, he was moaning and he kept repeating "Oh, fuck.". He started moaning and breathing loudly. I deepthroat his cock when I felt it shoot. He grabbed my shoulders and screamed "FUCK YEA!". After he finished cuming and he came alot! I got up and wondered if things were gonna be "weird". He never let me touch his cock before and he'd never gotten a blowjob from a guy. I went to the bathroom to was my hands. I came back and he already had his jeans up. He asked me if I wanted to order pizza and watch a movie. I said sure and we did. He actually stayed the entire day and left around 10pm. He said he was gonna meet some friends for a few drinks. He invited me to go but I was just in a lazy mood. Next time I wonder if he'll let me suck his cock again? 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Straight dude that walked around the dorm looking for head

I was at the library playing on my phone, bored when I saw his ad on Craigslist. He had post it about 15 minutes before. I wanted to email him but his ad no emails. Just look for him. I packed my books and laptop and pretty much ran out. I left them in my jeep. I went looking for this mystery guy who all I knew of him was he had a nice uncut cock. And he was gonna be wearing a pair of jeans, white tennis and a red Aeropostle shirt. I thought I had spotted him leaning on the rails of the entrance of the dorms. But than I saw another guy with the same outfit sitting by a tree looking around. Looked like he was looking for someone. I thought guy #1 was the one looking for head. He looked more like he "looking" for someone. I walked upto him and smiled. He smiled back and and I said hello. He smiled and said hi. I told him I saw his ad online. He looked a little puzzled ( I guess that should've been my first clue?) And asked what did the ad say. (Clue #2) He was horned up. Girlfriend won't put out. He was gonna be walking around the dorm looking for the first guy to offer head. He smiled and told me to follow him. We went to his dorm room. We went in and he locked the door. He didn't say a word. He just pulled down his jeans and boxers and laid on the bed. I got between his legs and worked on his cock. He got immediately became hard. I licked and swallowed his cock. He told me to slurp on his cock. He liked hearing the slurping sounds of my mouth on his cock. I was slowly sucking his cock and balls. he was moaning and telling me to suck his cock. I grabbed his hips and swallowed every inch. He started saying he was about to cum. As soon as I felt his cock squirt I deepthroat him and made sure to swallow every drop. As I did he just kept moaning "Oh, shit!". He finished and I got up. He just laid in the bed. I adjusted my cock and walked out. I wondered if anyone heard. Actually, if there was anyone around I knew. I walked out and headed back to my jeep. I still saw the same guy sitting by the tree. I would've keep walking but I noticed he had a hard on. He saw me looking. I walked over and wondered if maybe he was the actual guy. because as i walked out of the dorm I remembered that the picture of the cock was uncut. The guy I just swallowed was cut. I went up to him and said,"I saw your ad.". He smiled and told me if i wanted to suck him. I said yes. He got up and we went to his room which was almost in the same direction as guy #1.  We walked in and it was pretty much the same. He dropped his jeans and boxers. He said it had to be quick. He was gonna meet his girlfriend soon. I wanted it to last a little. I took my time and edged him twice. I loved licking and slowly sucking his cock. He moaned and told me to make him cum. I started sucking harder. He kept repeating "Make me cum!". I felt his cock start shooting a huge load in my mouth. After a few seconds he told me had to leave. I got up and walked out. I walked to my jeep and just laughed to myself. Only with my luck would I suck the wrong guy. but I found the right one afterwards. But only me...

The beginning of this blog

Ok, many of you know me and how much..."trouble" I can get into. This is a blog to go into further details about some of the trouble I get into. Not sure how long I will have this blog? Maybe a few days, weeks, months or maybe a year? Here we go...