Thursday, May 19, 2011

Army guy

This is J. We got together early this morning. I met him online about a year ago. He's an Army guy from Killeen. I met him on line through Craigslist. He had an ad up looking for a lady to have some fun with. But convinced him to use my gloryhole. He sent me an email telling me he was in town for the morning and was wondering if I was free. He just wanted a quick nut. He asked if I could put up the gloryhole. I told him that was fine and he arrived in about 15 minutes. I grabbed his cock through his fatigues. He was already getting hard. He had a huge cock and I couldn't wait to get my lips on it. He undid his pants and pulled then down with his underwear. His cock just popped out. I grabbed it with my hand. It was so warm and hard. I licked the tip of his cock and I slowly wrapped my lips around it. I gently sucked the head of it and moved my tongue around it. I slowly sucked his cock taking a little more down my throat each time i swallowed it. He was loving it. I loved hearing him moan and breathing deeply. I grabbed his thighs and slowly took his cock all the way down my throat. He moaned and grabbed the back of my head and held it the. He moved his hips around and I could feel his cock swirling around my throat. I gagged after a bit and pulled my self of it. "That's it." He said. As he grabbed my head and forced it down his cock again. This time I kept it down my throat the longest I could. He was loving it. I felt him grab the side of my head with both hands and slowly start fucking my face. I grabbed his ass and he kept sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. I told him how much I loved his cock. How I wished he would fuck me again. He pulled me up and moved the curtain a side and walked in. He told me to get on my knees and keep sucking. I did. He grabbed my shoulders and started to fuck my mouth. I grabbed his balls with one hand was jerking off with the other. After a few minutes of me slobbering over his cock he pushed me off and told me to get on all fours. I did as he asked me to. I felt him rubbing his cock against my ass. I felt the tip rubbing my hole. After a bit he started sliding his cock between my cheeks. It felt so good, I moaned a little. "You like that don't you?" I moaned a yes. He than leaned forward and spit on my hole twice. I felt him smear it with the head of his cock. Than I felt the head move in. I let out a moan. I told him it hurt a bit. I slowly moved back on to his cock. I was trying to get used to it. I kept moving back and forth. "That's it. Fuck yourself on it." I slowly fucked my self on his cock. I love the way his cock felt in me. I started squeezing my ass on him. "Shit! I'm not gonna last very long with that." J said while he grabbed my hips. I knew he was close now. He started fucking me in long slow thrusts. He started thrusting a little faster but they were still long thrust. He started moaning a little louder and breathing deeper. Than he gave me one final thrust and I felt his cock shooting in me. He thrust into me again and he let out another loud moan. He just kept holding on to me by my hips and kept his cock buried in me. He finally pulled out and I felt his cum sliding down my inner thigh. He stood up and went into the bathroom to clean up. I pulled up my boxers and J came out of the bathroom. He smiled and said thanks. He would hit me up again when he was in town.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Frat guy I met at a party

* Just to clarify his name starts with and I. So, as you read this and it looks and reads weird. It's not. When you see I, I am not always referring to myself.*

Like three weekends ago I was invited to a frat party by some friends. We arrived around 10:45pm. I had gotten out of work kinda late but still early enough to go. I knew a lot of the people at the party but as all frat parties go, alot people always show up. I met this couple. E and I. She was a little tipsy and really funny. I actually met I in the kitchen. I was fixing my self a Long Island. He asked what I was making. I told him and he wanted one too. He asked if I was a bartender. I told him I was a self made bartender. And in true frat guy fashion he was all over me. Not in a sexual sort of way but as in a "I like you! You're fucking awesome!". I had lost my friends but I took me to go meet E. We talked and hung out almost all night. I dance with both of them. Of course no one cared because everyone was drunk off their asses. While we were all talking E asked if I was gay because I reminder her of her little brother who was. I told her I was and E she screamed "I knew it!" and hugged me. The three of us exchanged numbers and decided to hang out soon. I ran into my friends and they had made friends of their own. Around midnight E was throwing up in the bathroom. And like a good boyfriend I was by her side. E's friends showed up and said they would take care of her for a bit. I and myself went to grab another beer. We did a tequila shot and he went to go check on E. He came back and told me that E was going home and he was heading to 6th street with some friends. I said good bye to them both. I hung out with my friends and the friends they made the rest of the night. Around 1:30am we were all ready to leave. We were all saying our good-byes and getting numbers when I ran into I. He was looking for some of his friends. The ones he left with had disappeared and he didn't know where they had gone. He was hoping some of his other buds were there to catch a ride with. He asked if I could give him a ride back home but I told him I had ridden with some friends. He was pist off but not at me. I told him to call his friends but he didn't have his mobile phone. He left it in his friends car and he didn't know they're number by memory. He said he walked from 6th street to the party. I told him we were going to J's place to party a little more and he was welcome to come if he didn't have a place to go. I could take him home in the morning if he wanted. He agreed to come over and hang out with us. We arrived at the condo and I started bartending right away. I made shots and drinks for everyone, After an hour or so we were all relaxing and just talking about everything. Around 4am some of J's friends were leaving and we were going to bed. She said I could have the spare room if I wanted to. I went to the room and I walked in asking if he could crash on the bed too. I told him I didn't care. I really didn't because I was kinda buzzed and really tired.  I told I that I slept in my underwear. He said the same. We undressed and climbed into bed. He made fun of my Batman briefs but it was all friendly banter. I passed out almost immediately. I woke around an hour later because I felt something, someone against me. It was I up against me, spooning me. Had his arms around me and his crotch up against my ass. I would't have thought much but he was rock hard and he kept grinding against me. I actually ignored it for a few but he kept doing it. I turned around slowly and we were facing each other. I touched his chest and ran my hand down to his abs and his waist. If he wakes up I can blame it on "I was asleep.". I reached his waistband and atleast 2 inches of his cock was sticking out. I slowly reached in and touched his cock. He let out a soft moan and I rubbed my thumb around the head. He was already precuming. When I did this he leaned his head into my chest but kept his eyes closed. I did it for a good while. He turn around on his back but my hand was still on his cock. I continued to play and slowly stroke his cock. I got under the sheets and laid my head on his stomach. He slowly fucked my hand and called out E's name. I replaced my hand with my mouth and he continued to slowly fuck it. I was so rock hard from sucking his cock I could've cum just by touching myself. He started moaning and kept slowly fucking. My head was under the sheets, so I couldn't tell if he was still "asleep" or awake? But I loved feeling his cock sliding between my lips. I gently and lightly sucked his cock. I twirled my tongue around the head and I could taste the precum. I loved the way he tasted. I than felt his hand on my head over the blanket. He was holding my head while he continued to slowly fuck my mouth. "Oh, my God E you're sucking my cock so good. Let me fuck you please." I whispered. I thought to myself ."Does he really think I am E? He has to be fucking joking?". I kept sucking his cock for a bit longer. I kept slowly fucking my mouth for a bit longer. I let off his cock and pulled the sheets off to look at I. He opened his eyes and was surprise. He freaked out a bit. Asked what was I doing. I told him I was sucking his cock. "But what? Why? I'm not gay? I thought you were E" I told me while he was sitting up in the bed. "Sshhh, I you're gonna wake everyone up. I only did it because you were rubbing up and spooning me. I didn't think much of it but you kept doing it more. You were rock hard and what else was I was suppose to think or do?" I told I. But the thing is, during the whole time we were talking my hand was still on his cock. He was sitting up, drunk, his underwear around his thighs and ROCK hard in my hand. I slowly stroked it. "Quit it J." He said as he tried to move my hand off his cock. I would've stopped but when he tried to move my hand, he really wasn't putting much effort into it. So, I decided to keep going. I kept stroking his cock and lean forward to lick his nipple. As soon as I licked his nipple he let out a soft moan. I gently licked his nipple and swirled my tongue around it. I gave it a gentle bite. I softly kissed and licked him from his nipple down his stomach, along his trail to his cock. I licked the head of the cock which was covered with precum. When I did this he let out a gasp. I told him to be quieter because everyone was asleep. He didn't say anything. Just kept his eyes closed while I licked his cock. I lightly sucked it with my mouth. I teased the head with my tongue while I sucked it. I slowly went all the way down on his cock. I deepthroated him and he let out a moan. I kept sucking his cock. I sucked it from the tip to the base. Slowly going all the way down until his pubes were up against my nose. I licked the head and swirled it with my tongue. I licked his cock all the way down to the base. I pulled balls up and licked them. Than, I slowly took one in my mouth. I licked and gently pulled them. I could tell he was loving it because he was letting out small soft moans. I went back to  sucking. He had a drop of precum on the tip. I licked it off and it tasted so good. I was so horny at this point. My cock was rock hard. I licked his stomach and moved to his nipples. I licked his left nipple and gently nibbled on it. I slowly pulled my briefs off. I climbed on top of him. He tried to move but I told him to stay still. I licked his neck and ears. I pulled my ass cheeks open and moved my hole up against his cock. I moved my hips and my hole rubbed against cock. "No, wait!" He said. "I thought you wanted to fuck?" "Yes...but."
I kept rubbing my ass against his cock. He stopped protesting and just leaned his head back. I grabbed his cock and pointed the head against my hole. I put some spit on fingers and than rubbed it on my hole. I leaned back and the head popped in. As soon as the head popped in he let out a loud moan. I slowly moved back and forth to get his cock in me. I finally was able to get it all in me. I leaned back and slowly moved my hips. I wanted him to love it. I squeezed my ass on his cock while I fucked myself on his cock. I slowly did this for a while. But I was determined to get him off and have him like it. Next thing he moves forward and pulls me off and pushes me on the bed. I thought for sure he was gonna run out the room. But he moves forward lifts my right leg and puts it over his shoulder. Grabs his cock and with one thrust he shoves his cock all the way in me. I actually screamed into the covers. It hurt but felt good at the same time. He grabbed my leg and he started slamming into me. I was trying not make any noise because I didn't want anyone to hear us. But I realized he still had his eyes closed. I think he had them closed the entire time we were messing around? He was moaning loudly and the bed was making noise too. I figured if he didn't care who heard, why should I? I was grabbing to the side of the bed while he fucked me hard. He fucked me for a bit longer. He pulled out and than he turned me on my stomach. Grabbed my hips put his right foot on the bed. Grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him. I was in a doggy style position now. I felt him put the head of his cock on my hole and slammed into me again. This time he just pounded into me. I was moaning into the bed and was bitting the sheets. I started squeezing his cock with my ass. "Fuck yea! That's it. I'm gonna cum!" he said. He fucked me for about 30 seconds more. He just kept slamming into me. By this time I was sure everyone was awake and was hearing us fuck. "I'm gonna cum!" he moaned loudly. I felt his cock start shooting inside of me. With each pounding thrust I could feel him cuming in me. He was moaning and sighing as he pulled me onto his cock. He slowed down a bit but still slowly fucked me. He would pull most of his cock out except the head and than slide all the way back in. He did this for a few seconds. I'm gonna fucking cum again!" He moaned loudly. He still slowly fucked me but I felt his cock start twitching in me. He started moaning and repeating,"Oh my God...oh, my God!" he collapsed on top of me. I laid on my stomach. I could hear him breathing heavily in my ear. I felt his cock get soft and pop out of my ass. When it did I heard him gasp a little. He got off of me and turned on his back. We both fell asleep a few minutes later. I woke up in the morning and he was gone already. I looked around and all his stuff was gone. I still had a raging hard on. I jerked off and than got dressed. Needless to say I had alot of explaining to do. Everyone heard us. I told them all over brunch.
About a week later I was on campus and I came up to me. He grabbed my shirt and pulled me aside. It kinda freaked me out because he looked mad. I asked what was wrong. "What happened the other night?" "Well, we kinda..." "I know what we did!" he yelled at me. "It's only because we were drunk and I was thinking of E. That's the only reason why that happened. I am not gay! We can be friends because E likes you but don't think this will ever happened again." he said as he let go of me. He walked away immediately. He turned around and looked at me but didn't really give me any type of expression. I fixed my shirt and walked to library thinking...why does this shit only happen to me?

*These pictures were from the party. My friend took them and I asked for copies.