Thursday, October 6, 2011

The story between Cam and I so far...Part 2

I'm really sorry that I haven't blogged in a good while. Just been dealing with my ex (the navy guy) school and work. I really haven't done anything "unusual" lately. Just messed with the same guys. But before I start blogging about them, I want to finish Cam and I. I know some of you are tired hearing of him. Sorry. Than just skip this story...

We made out for a good while on the hood of Cam's car. Than he pulled me off and we walked holding hands up to my apartment. As soon as we walked in E hugged us and kissed each of our cheeks. (He was drunk)
He was saying how happy he was we had made up and how "cute" we were together. Cam just looked at me, smiled and kissed me. Shortly afterwards E went into my room to go to sleep on my bed. We went to the sofa, laid down and talked. We talked for a good long while about everything between us. How to we felt about each other. We decided to to try to remain friends and whatever happens, happens. He told me he had to leave because he had to get to his dad's place, We hugged and gave each other another kiss. He left and I went to bed. He was gone for the weekend. I hung out with friends and told them everything that happened. He came back Monday but drove directly to work. After work he called me asking if he could come by my place. He wanted to see me. He hadn't seen or spoken to me all weekend and missed me. He came by around midnight. I opened the door and he walked in and gave me a huge hug and kiss. We didn't even say a word. It was like in  the movies. We kissed from the doorway to my bedroom, leaving a trail of clothing all the way. We hardly said a word. The entire time we kept looking into each others eyes. Slowly kissing each other making and making love. We were on my bed. I had my legs wrapped around his waist. He was on top of me, hugging me. Slowly fucking me. It was slow and passionate. But I could feel him all the way inside of me. I could hear him breathing in my ear.
"You feel so good, Jase." Cam whispered in my ear.
"I want to feel every inch of you. I love the way you feel inside of me."
Than Cam slowly started to push into me. I could feel him going in deeper. I let out a light moan and bit down on his shoulder. He moaned even louder. He started to fuck me harder.I could feel his cock sliding in and out of me. I squeezed down on his cock and milked him with my ass.
"Oh, my God. Fuck."
"Fuck me Cam."
He kissed me and pushed in deeper. I gently bit his shoulder and neck. He stared fucking me harder. I wrapped my arms and legs around him. He bit down on my shoulder and that turned me on even more.
"I'm gonna fuck you so hard!"
He fucked me for a bit longer. Than he turned me around. We made love and fucked for the rest of the night. By the time we fell asleep and woke up, we were covered in bite marks. We had them on our chest, neck, back and shoulders. Everything was good well. We were getting closer and having a lot of sex. It was as we were becoming a couple. We had just finished working out and decided to grab a bite to eat. We were eating and talking about E inviting us to his b-day party. We were both excited to go. Cam just kept looking at me the entire time. I asked him what was wrong. He said nothing but he was just thinking.
"What are you thinking about?"
"Us? What do you mean us? Like me and you, us?
"Well, I actually mean you."
"Me? What abut me? What did I do?"
"Nothing. You didn't do anything. I was thinking about when we first met."
"Really, why?"
"I was thinking how you saved me."
"Well, the day we met I was actually depressed. I was at home feeling kinda depressed and lonely. I decided to go out and walk around. I didn't know where but figured since I lived near by, The Domain would be as good as any. That's when I ran into everyone and met you. You cheered me up. You helped me. You brought me out of my depression. You were there for me when I needed someone to be there for me. Thank you. You have no idea how much you mean to me."
I smiled at him. He leaned over the table an kissed me and smiled back. We just looked at each other, smiled again and kept talking about E's party. We went to E's party the following weekend. It was a blast! We all hung out and talked and actually got along all night. Cam and I were all over each other like boyfriends. We made each other drinks, held hands, hugged and kissed all night. We acted love. Even on the ride home we held hands. He even leaned over and kissed me a few times. He led me up the stairs to my place holding hands. We walked in and walked into the bedroom. Made love all that night and the next morning. Everything was going great. I'm sorry to say but I never liked Cam's roommate to begin with. I was seriously thinking about asking Cam to move in with me. We were going everywhere and doing everything together. We'd take his car or my Jeep. He was spending 4 or 5 days out of the week with me. He would spend the night, go to class, than work and come right back to my place. We would cook together. He'd make me dinner when I got home. He would buy dinner when we didn't feel like cooking. Like I said, everything was going great. Friends and myself have pictures of us on their Facebook. In each picture everyone says we look so happy together. And I honestly thought we were slowly becoming a couple. It was all about "us". Him and I. But I guess I was wrong. It wasn't until July 4th weekend, when everything changed.


  1. The Heart Is The Deceitful Above All Things!

  2. Jasen!! Welcome back bro....we missed u man! I was hoping for a happy ending, with Cam. I thought maybe that's why u weren't blogging as much, in a tight relationship and all. Hope ur good man.

  3. Good afternoon
    I'm jordon, I follow you on twitter, and have to say spent the whole day reading your blog, of course with a starbucks at hand, have to admit it was a good read, sorry what has happened between you and cam, but what happened on July 4th if you don't mind me asking, kindest regards.

  4. Aww, I bet you and Cam were/are super cute together. From both of your pics, I'd say you guys definitely make a cute couple.

    Anyways, I just kinda had a marathon (of reading all of your stories :P) Hope you write more, they're amazing!

  5. Anon: Thanx for asking. I am actually in the middle of finishing the end of this story. I guess it took me so long to finish it because of everything that happened. So, much happened in such a small amount of time.
    J: Thank you. Everyone says we make an adorable couple. There's picture on my Facebook of the two of us...all wrapped around each other. I am almost done. I will add more soon after.

  6. Still a better story than twilight. lol. Love those stories man.

  7. hi, i always visit your site. i look forward to your new posts. thank you so much for free downloads and pictures. my friend is starting a website with lots of gay files and downloads. hope you could feature his site Thank you and more power!

  8. J..I'm just now finding your site ....and I see that things didnt go well from the tone of the comments...So sorry friend...thanks for your kind sharing and loving kindness too the community to show that loving, sexy, stories do occur in the real world schools across the world...and USA....yours is tasteful sweet and so much I wish that things had turned out differently for you charming friend. If I can ever assist you, please let me know...great listener here..and short story writer.... In NC...near Asheville. A great city for LGBT..... And a great place to vaca if you need a rest...let me or us know!! Curtisbydesign/!!!!