Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The story between Cam and I so far...Part 3

It was 4th of July weekend. (Actually, it was the 2nd because the 4th was on a Monday) I was pretty excited because my friend C was having a little get together. It had been such a long week. Was so stressed out with work and school. Couldn't wait for some time to just relax and have some fun. I was working until 3pm that day. I called Cam before I went to work. I asked if he was coming with me to C's get together, He said he wasn't sure because his roommate wanted to go out of town and invited him to join. To be honest I never cared for his roommate and his roommates boyfriend. They always came off a bit shady. We never really got along. His roommate would ask him to do things w/him. Or ask him to hang out when he knew we had plans. Cam always told me how he really didn't like being at his place very much. That's one of the main reasons why he was always at my place. He also told me that his roommate wouldn't charge him very much rent. I never asked or even insinuated it but I always wondered if he would have to do extra "chores" to make up for it.
"Where are you guys gonna go? I thought you had to work tomorrow?"
"Yea, I do but I think I might give my shift away if we go to Dallas? What time was C's get together tonight?"
"Well, that's why I was calling. It's around 8pm tonight but they're all going downtown first. Than head back his place. If you are going to Dallas I'll just meet them downtown. But if you wanna go. We can meet at my place when I get out of work and than head downtown."
"Oh, ok. Well, I'm not sure? We're suppose to leave in about an hour or so. But I'm not really sure yet? But I'll let you know, Jase."
"Ok, sounds good. I'm just arriving to work Call me and let me know. Or just text me. I'll talk to you later, bye."
The day was actually going by pretty quickly. I really hadn't paid attention to the time. It was slow at work and I realized that Cam hadn't called or text. I grabbed my phone and told one of the girls I was gonna step outside to call Cam. I walked out and called but no answer. I wondered if he had left with out saying anything, Well, at least letting me know. Just than D called me.
"Hey, Jasen. How are you?"
"Good, at work.What's up?"
"Are you going tonight?"
"Yea...I guess?"
"Why do you say it like that?"
"Oh. No, I'm going but not sure about Cam? I tried calling him but he didn't answer. He said he might go out of town tonight instead but I told him to let me know. I haven't heard from him. Not sure if he left after all?"
"Oh, that sucks. I'm sorry. I was calling because we (D and his boyfriend G) aren't going downtown. We were gonna make dinner and have some drinks here before meeting everyone at C's place. Was wondering if you guys wanted to join us?"
"That sounds awesome but not sure yet because of Cam. I get out in an hour. Can I call you back later and let you know?"
"Sure. Sounds good."
I went back to work but still kept thinking if Cam had left for Dallas. For the last hour everyone kept texting me, asking if I was meeting them downtown. I kept telling them I wasn't sure. Finally, I left work and headed home to shower and change. Of course Cam calls me as I'm about to get in the shower.
"Hey, Jase. I saw you called. What's going on?"
"Where are you?"
"I'm at my place. Why?"
"You never called me or text me.Was wondering if you had left."
"Sorry, some stuff came up. Didn't go after all. Are we still going tonight?"
I told him what D had planned and asked if he wanted to join them. Than we could all head over to C's from there. He really liked the idea.
"Jase the only thing is, I'm not sure how long I'll stay?"
"Well, since we're not going to Dallas we're going out here."
"Oh...what time?"
He turned the phone away from his face a bit and yelled at his roommate.
"HEY! What time are we going to...to tonight? Yea, ok...That'll work. Not sure Jase. They're gonna call and let me know. than I'll just meet them there."
"Ok...guess that'll work?"
"Cool. I guess we can meet them around 6pm? Will that work?"
"Yea, I'll call D and let him know we're coming over around 6. It'll give me a chance to take my shower and let everyone know we'll meet them later and C's place. So, I'll see you around 5:30ish at my place. Ok?"
"Sure. Sounds good. See ya than."
I text everyone the new plan. I finished my shower and relaxed a few before Cam arrived. He arrived close to 6pm. We talked and got everything ready. We decided to take my Jeep. Told him it would be best since he didn't have much gas. Also, it gave me a chance to try to convince him to stay. But he didn't want to. Because if he left early he didn't want me to have to leave and dive him back to my place. We drove in Cam's car to D and G's place. They were cooking and having drinks. Cam went to go help G in the kitchen. I made us both a  cocktail. D asked me to to step outside to the patio with him. "I am so glad you guys could join us. G and I don't have many gay couple friends. Or gay friends for that matter."
"I am glad you invited us. It's a nice change of pace from the going to bars. Don't get me wrong. I love going out but sometimes you just wanna stay in."
"So,true." D than asked how everything was going between Cam and I. Told him it was going well. He said he hasn't seen me so "giddy" and into a guy in a while. I laughed and smiled. "You guys look happy. I'm happy for you Jasen. Maybe you'll settle down now." "Maybe? It's going well. We have our ups and downs but who doesn't. We're still getting to now each other but it's been fun." I told D while we sat down. "Oh, trust me. It's hard work. G and I have been at it for eleven years. It's been work the entire time. But if you two really like each other than you should work at it. It's so worth it." "OH MY GOD, D! Eleven years? WOW! That's great. I knew you guys were together for a long time but didn't know it was that long. I can barely last eleven days before they get on my nerves." We both laughed and took a sip of our drinks. He pointed at Cam "Well, he seems to have lasted way beyond eleven days."
"Yea, I guess he has."
I said while I made a small smile. Just at that moment, as if he knew, Cam looked up and outside at us. he met my gaze and smiled. I smiled even more. I told D I was going back inside. He followed me. "Hey, you guys. G and I are going over to C's for a party. A little 4th of July couples get together. Nothing fancy. Y'all should come with us." D said while he handed me another drink. "Wanna go Jase? It sounds like fun."
"Yea, sure why not. Lets." We had a great dinner. We all talked and laughed. Made drinks. D told me about a party that a friend of ours C was having. C is a mutual friend but it was a "couples" party. He asked me if Cam and I wanted to go. I told him that would be fun. A few hours passed by and C text me. Telling me that they were on their way home. Will be there in 10 minutes. I had actually forgotten about going over. I asked D and G if they were going and said they still wanted to. We all drove over in Cam's car. I had told D it would be better if we took two cars because Cam might not stay the entire night. He said it was fine. he didn't want to stay too long. And if cam left early it would be a good excuse to leave. We arrived at C's place. Everyone was a little buzzed. We had more drinks. We all joked around and had fun. My phone vibrated. I looked it. It was Cam's roommate. I ignored it I didn't want to leave. We were all having fun. (I don't recall if I mentioned it or not but Cam had his calls and texts forward to my phone. He's always leaving his phone in his car or at home. Since he's always with me, according to him, it would just be easier.) I deleted the text. Around 1am Cam asked if anyone had called or text. I told him no one had but I also ha my phone on silent. He tried calling them but no one answered. He sent them a text. He handed me my phone back. But he had turned my ringer back on. a second later my phone went off. He looked at me. I couldn't do anything. He had heard the text. I gave it to him. He responded. and told me he had to leave. He told D and G he was leaving. He asked if I wanted to stay or leave. I was pretty wasted by this time. I thought maybe I could convince him to come back after he dropped them off. I left with him. None of us said much o the way back. After we dropped them off I told Cam it would be better if we just went back to C's place. Cam didn't want to. He said he had made plans with his roommates. He wanted to go.
"I already had told you about this Jase. you knew I wasn't going to stay the entire night."
" I know but it's 1am. What's the point of going out now? We can just stay at C's place. If we get really wasted we can stay in one of the guest rooms."
"No! If you want I can turn around and just drop you back off at C's."
"No, I won't last much longer. I should get to bed. You could just come in and crawl into bed with me. I won't argue."
"Cam it's passed 1am. By the time you drop me off and head downtown and park and get in, it'll be last call. What's the point?!"
" I never said I was going to a club."
"Than where are you going?" Cam looked at me and I could tell he really didn't want to answer that. We pulled up to my complex and drove in. he was still quiet. I kept looking at him. Waiting for him to respond.
"What! Why do you keep looking at me, Jase?"
"Well, you never answered me. Where are you going to meet your roommates?" I knew if I had to ask twice, I probably really didn't want to know the answer.
"FINE! I'm going to Midtown Spa with them! Happy!" (Midtown Spa is a gay gentleman's spa.)
"SERIOUSLY, CAM! Seriously?"
"What? You wanted to know." I became so mad. I couldn't believe he wanted to go there to go fuck. I thought we had something? I opened the car door.
"Enjoy fucking at the spa!" I slammed the the door and walked to my apartment. He reversed and sped out of there. I was so pissed off! I didn't care if I saw him ever again. I walked into my apartment and just started taking off my clothes and tossing them om the floor. I was crawling into bed when i heard my phone. I had gotten a text. Than another and another and another. I was hoping it was Cam saying he was sorry for what happened. It was Cam and D talking.
"I'm so glad to have met you tonight Cameron. You're such a nice guy. When are you and Jase coming over again?"
"I don't know if hat will be happening any time soon. Jase and I got into a fight as I dropped him off."
"What happened?"
"He wanted me to stay with him and I didn't want to. I was going to go out with my roommate but I don't think that's gonna happen."
"Jasen can't expect you to be with him all the time. That's not fair of him to be upset with you because of that. And why can't you go out with your roommate?"
"He's already there. We were going together but they left without me. So, I think I am just gonna stay home and play games."
"Ok, Cameron. Did you still want to drop by tomorrow after work and play online?"
"Yea, I will call you from work to make sure we are still on."
"Ok, sounds good. Well, Cameron I am kinda drunk but please don't disappear on me. You are a really sweet nice guy. Promise me that if you and Jasen don't work out, you'll stick around."
"I will. I promise. I will see you tomorrow."
I'm reading this conversation and wondering why D is speaking to Cam this way. Sounds a little...flirtatious on D's part. But I just ignore it. Blamed it on the alcohol. I finally fell asleep. I woke up the nest morning. Cam was the first thing that popped into my mind. I once again looked at the conversation between D and Cam. I just cleaned my apartment when D called me. Asking if I was going to the party. I told d I wanted to but not sure if I was because Cam and I had an argument last night. D told me that Cam told him about it. He was dropping by after work to hang out and play some online games. He would talk to Cam for me and try to clear everything up. I was thankful because I really liked Cam. He asked what happened. I told him that we had just gotten in an argument. I really didn't want to go into details. But It was something that Cam and I had to work out but just felt really bad how we ended it. I was drunk, he was buzzing. I do believe I had a right to get mad. I just wished we would've talked. We spoke a little more and he than hung up because he had to get dressed because Cam just text him. He was on his way. I than went about my apartment cleaning. But still wondering what D was telling Cam. If we were gonna get through this or was this the end of us. A few hours passed. I hadn't heard anything. Figured I might as well make a drink and have a party of one for tonight. Just as I was getting out of the shower, Cam called. "Hey, you want to go over to D and G's place? Hang for a bit before heading out to the party."
"YES!" I must have sounded so desperate but I was so happy to hear from him. "I can meet you in 15 minutes. How does that sound?"
"I'll go pick you Jase."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I'll see you in a few." I got dressed trying to go for casuel cool with a hint of sexiness. Didn't want to seem like I was trying. But wanted him to see me as someone he couldn't resist. Cam arrived in 20 minutes. He knocked on the door and than walked in. I was in my room looking for my flip flop. He smiled and me. "You look nice." Cam said as he walked over to me, hugged me and gave me a huge kiss. "Sorry, about last night, Jase. I didn't go after all." I felt relieved but still upset that he would even think about going but decided to leave it alone. "Yea, I am sorry too. I didn't mean to blow up" He still had his arms around me. He leaned his head against mine."We'll talk more later. Lets just go and have a good time to night. Agreed?"
"Yes agreed." We went to D and G's place. Had a drink. D called me outside. He said he wanted to have a word with me.
"How is everything?"
"Good, I think? Why what did Cam say? What did he tell you?"
"Good. Oh, nothing. Just wanted to make sure everything was ok with you guys. But I can't tell you anything we spoke about. Just like I wouldn't tell him anything you and I spoke about. I like to keep it that way. I don't like to betray peoples trust. But we'll talk more later. Lets get ready and head out soon."
"Oh, ok." I was a little upset because I wanted to know what they had spoken about but I understood what D was saying and respected it. We had one more drink before leaving. As we drove to the party D sat with me in the back. I was looking out the window when D tapped me on the shoulder. "You ok, Jasen?" "Yea, I'm good. Why?" "Oh, nothing. It's ok. Don't worry about anything. Any ways if I were you, I'd forget about this one." He pointed and Cam. Cam was driving and talking to G. He hadn't heard D. I looked and him with a puzzled look. "Forget about him? Why? Why do you say that?" "We'll talk later. Later." Now I am even more confused. He first tells me all is good. And now he tells me to forget about Cam. I wanted to ask what he ment by that but I didn't want to ask while Cam was within hearing distance. At the party everyone asked about Cam. I knew most of the people there and they knew the last boyfriend I had was my navy guy. Which was over a year ago. I gave them the nickle version of the story of how we met. Cam was inside talking to some of the other guys. I told them that he was cute, sweet, nice, caring but could be an ass also. But weird at the same time. D laughed,"Yea, very weird some times." I just smiled. I walked inside and to make another drink. Cam came up to me. hugged me and asked if I could make him one. As I made him his drink he was being very affectionate. He was hugging me and kissing my neck. I handed him his drink, he kissed me on the lips and licked my ear. "Thanks babe." he whispered in my ear and walked outside. I just smiled to myself. D walked in saw me and asked what was I smiling about. I just nodded and walked out. The rest of the night wa about the same. The entire night was about the same. Cam would sneak kisses, kiss my neck or lick my earlobe. The third time he did that I grabbed his face with both hands and told him;"Stop it! You know what that does to me. If you don't quit I am going to end up attacking you by the end of the night." "I know." Cam said in a soft sexy voice. He smiled at me, than gave me a quick kiss and a lick on the lips and moved away. Lets go outside. He grabbed my hand and lead me out. It was around 2am and time to go home. By this time Cam and I were all over each other. We went back to D and G's place. We all took everything out of the car and into the houe. Cam grabbed my hand and lead me outside and started kissing me again. He lead me to his car and leaned back holding me. D walked over and coughed. We both laughed and smiled. "You guys aren't driving home are you?" D asked. "I'm good, D. Really. I'm not drunk. Just a little sleepy maybe and tired but that's about it." I told D. "Trust me I am UP!" Cam said while he hugged me tighter. "Don't worry about it. We're fine. We're going over to Jase's place. It's not far from here. We can text you when we get there to make you feel better. Is that ok D?"
"I just feel better if you guys stayed here. I can cook breakfast before you leave. I'll make some pancakes. C'mon guys!" Cam and I looked at each other. He motioned to go inside. D smiled and lead the way. I turned around and looked at Cam. "I know. Just humor him. You're still going to be mine tonight." He whispered in my ear. By this time G was already in bed asleep and passed out. Cam and I sat on the sofa. D motioned to go upstairs. We followed him up. We waked into the TV room where there was a sofa too. I thought he wanted us to sleep here. He opened a closet and pulled out two sets of pillows and blankets.He handed us each a set. "Thanks D but we just need a pillow each and one huge blanket. We'll be fine." I told D as I handed him back the extras. D handed them back to me,"No, Cam you can sleep here and Jase you can sleep downstairs." Cam and I looked at each other. Cam smiled at D.
"No, you don't understand. Jase and I want to sleep in the same bed."
"Oh, no. You can't be in the same bed."
"Why not?
"Because I know what you're gonna do. That can't happen."
"You two want to have sex. I really don't care if you do but if G wakes up because of moans or whatever reason. He'll be so mad at me."
"We'll be really quiet, promise. We'll even go downstairs. You won't hear us." By this time Cam had me wrapped up in a blanket and hugging me.
"I don't know? I don't feel comfortable if you caught."
"We won't. Promise."
"Ok, fine. but if he catches you I don't know anything. I am gonna tell him I gave you both pillows and blanets and left"
"That's fine. If anything happens I'll tell him I snuck down to see Jase. Thanks."
We went down stairs. We waited of for D to go into the room. We laid down and started kissing. It seemed we couldn't get enough of each other for some reason. Don't know what it was about that night? We weren't drunk. We weren't on anything. I don't know if it was just me but somehow everything else faded. It was just...us. We were laying side by side facing each other, kissing. He pulled me on top of him and pulled off my shirt. He started feeling my stomach and chest. I could feel him pressing up against me through his shorts. He rubbed my crotch with his hand. I leaned forward and kissed hi some more. I pulled his shirt off and licked his chest. He smelled so good. He than turned me over and got on top and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He was on top of me. Playing with my hair, kissing me, licking my ear and neck. Biting my shoulder. My hands were caressing back and grabbing his ass. We were both moaning and breathing deeply. I reached for his belt when we heard the door open. We looked at each other and Cam jumped in next to me. He wrapped the blanket around me and spooned me. We heard someone coming down the stairs. They walked into kitchen, turned on the light, got a drink of water and went back upstairs. Cam couldn't tell who it was because he was behind me. But I told him it was G. He freaked a little. " Do you think he heard us?" Cam asked me. "I don't know? I don't think we were making noise? We stayed silent spooning for a while. I was falling asleep when  felt him get up. "Where are you going, Cam?" He put on his shirt and handed me mine. "We walked outside. "What are we doing out here?" "I just wanted to get some fresh air. And I also wanted to talk to you." "Sure. What is it Cam?"
"Well, I just wanted to say thank you."
"Thank you? For what? I haven't done anything"
"Yes, you have. I guess you just don't know it. Remember when I told you you had saved me. You kinda did. Not just because of what I told you but because of everything. Yes, I get depressed. I feel lonely. But you've helped me with that. I told you earlier. I actually get happy. I smile because I know I am going to go see you. I know you're or myself are almost out or class and we're going to see each other. I know it sounds sappy but that's how you make me feel." I just smiled. "Also, the relationship with my father hasn't been the greatest. And you've helped me with that too. When I've fought with my father, you've always calm down and help me see things clearer. I know I'm only 23 and it sounds like bullshit but I've through a lot. For a long time I had to be on my own. Yes, The navy helped out, got married and made friends. But none of that lasted. I guess all I'm trying to say Jase is thank you. You've helped me out through so much. You just don't know." While he said this his voice cracked a bit. "Can I ask you a question?" "Sure." "Why Midtowne? Why were you so adamant about going last night?" Cam leaned into me and pressed his forehead into mind. "I don't know? My roommates wanted to go. I had promised I would go. I actually had told them I would go with them before I had made plans with you." "I understand all about keeping plans you previously made with someone. But you're telling me all these thing. And than you were wanting to go to Midtowne last night. How do you think that makes me feel?" He looked into my eyes and gave me a half smile. "I'm sorry. I really don't like going there very much. I mean, yes I have gone there before. But honestly I think maybe the people I went with have given me something. Because some of the times I've gone I can't remember the night. Or just remember bits and pieces. And I hadn't had anything to drink. Just a Diet Coke." "Seriously, Cam! This never occurred to you that maybe they did give you something." "I had a few times." "And you still wanted to go last night?" "I'm sorry Jase. OK. I'm sorry." He put his head down. I felt so bad for him. Another reason I didn't like his "roommates". I always wondered if they made his do things he didn't want to. Maybe it was the emotions from tonight? Maybe it was what he told me? Maybe it was the way he looked so vulnerable but I was going to ask him to move in with me. I can't stand him being there anymore. I grabbed his face, pulled it up and smiled. He smiled back. I leaned into him and kissed him softly. He started kissing me passionately. He put his arms around me. He hugged me and pulled me closer. I hugged him back. Thank God it was close to 4am. We were putting on quiet a show. In all honestly even if it was 4am, I don't think I would've cared. The way I felt for this boy, I didn't care who knew or saw. We just kept kissing and getting lost in each other. He moved his right hand down my back. Caressing me. Than he moved his hand down and grabbed my ass and pulled me in even tighter. I felt how hard he was through his shorts. I rubbed up against him for a bit as we kissed. "I want you so bad Jasen." He grabbed my had and lowed it to the front of his crotch. I could feel how much he wanted me. I caressed him. Rubbing it. I felt him starting to undo his belt. I pushed him away. "Cam, no. We almost got busted a little while ago."
"But we didn't."
"Well, true. But I don't want to take that chance again."
"But we're not in the house. They can't hear us. Neighbor on one side. Inside their house. Defiantly can't hear us. And street to our other. Only people driving by at this hour." He grabbed my hand, pulled me into him and kissed me. He lead me down the patio stairs and into the corner of the yard. the entire time he did not stop kissing me. He laid me down on the grass. I looked up and all I saw was trees and stars. He gently kissed my cheek and neck. Licked my earlobe. I pushed him on his back. I couldn't control myself anymore. I lifted his shirt. Kissed his stomach. He moaned quietly. I licked his abs and moved further down. He had a huge tent in his shorts. I grabbed it. I undid his belt and shorts. He already had a wet spot on his underwear. I pulled them back and his cock popped out. It was so hard. He had a drop of precum on the tip and a string from it to his crotch. Leaned forward and licked it off. He moaned. I squeezed it and more came out. I licked it off too. I heard him whisper "Please" and that was such a turn on. I slowly started sucking him. Slowly. Tasting every inch of him. He would grab the back of my head and slowly push me all the way down. I moved over on top of him. I grabbed his hips and went all the way down and deepthroat him. He let out a sigh. And I knew he loved it. I let up and started licking his balls. Slowly taking one into my mouth. I'd trace his balls with my tongue. After a bit he reached down and pulled me up with one hand and slapped his cock against my lips with the other. He traced it along them. I opened my mouth and swallowed it. He grabbed my head and held it in place while he moved his hips and slowly fucked my face. Love feeling his cock sliding back and forth between my lips. He suddenly stopped. I thought he was getting ready to cum but he pushed me back and climbed on me. He undid my shorts and pulled them of with my underwear. He leaned down and swallowed me whole. He slowly sucked while he played with my hole with one hand. Every once in a while he'd let up and I'd hear him spit and could feel the wetness on his fingers as he rubbed it on me. I heard his spit again but this time it landed on my hole. He leaned forward and lifted my legs as he did, He had them over his shoulders. He leaned into me and kissed me. At the same time I felt the tip of his cock against me. He pushed and the head popped in. I grabbed his arms and let out a moan but he covered it with his mouth. He moved back to kissing my ear. I felt him push further in. I bit on his shoulder. He whispered, "Told you, you would be mine tonight." He looked at me and gave me a sexy mischievous grin and kissed me again. I kissed him so passionately. I felt him start going deeper in me. I bit down on his shoulder again and made a small moan. "Am I hurting you?" "No." But I felt him go slower. This time he started going slower. He took his time going all the way in me. Once he was all the way in I could feel him slowly moving back and forth. After a bit it felt so good. He would pull out and slowly go all the way back in me. I could feel his balls against me. I would slowly squeeze my ass on his cock. "Oh, my God. I love it when you do that." He leaned back and grabbed my hips. He slowly started fucking me. I was rock hard at this point. I was leaking everywhere. He started a slow steady pace into me. We were both moaning but had to keep quiet. He felt so good sliding into me. Wish we could've made it last longer but I was early morning and people were going to start waking soon. I loved seeing body move as he fucked me. He lean down on top of me, scooped his hands down behind me and grabbed my ass and laid his head on my chest. He spread my ass further apart. I felt him go in deeper. He slowly started to increase his pace.  I grabbed his head and hair and leaned forward and kissed his head. I don't know if it was the position or just everything in general but I was getting ready to cum. I hadn't really touched my self that much. But I was so close. I whispered to Cam I was getting ready shoot. He brought my legs over his shoulders and kissed me. But this time he just rammed into me. I grabbed his ass to bring him deeper into me. He started fucking me harder and faster. With each thrust a little bit of cum would come out. He captured every moan with his kiss. I felt my body start shaking. He felt it too. He didn't stop fucking me. I broke away from his kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck and grabbed the back of his neck. I felt my self start shooting between our bodies. I bit his shoulder and started breathing heavily. As I was shooting I started squeezing his cock harder with my ass. He buried his face in my neck. "Oh, my god. Oh my god. Oh, my god...you're making me cum." Cam kept whispering in my ear. I felt his cock grow harder. It was so hard in me. I could feel every spasm and twitch. I felt him shooting in me. With every twitch I would squeeze my ass. "Oh, my god..." I'd hear him whisper. By the time we stopped he was on top of me laying on my chest. Both of us breathing heavily. My legs still wrapped around him. He lifted his head and leaned over and kissed me. "That was amazing. I wish we could just lay here and fall asleep but I think we better go in before D and G wake up and see my bare ass and your legs wrapped around it." "I think you're probably right?" Cam pushed himself up and slowly pulled out of him. He was still rock hard. As he pulled his cock there was a string of cum from my ass to the tip of his cock. It broke but there was still a string hanging from his cock. I lean over and squeezed his cock and brought a bit more to the tip. I licked it off and licked his cock clean. "WOW! That was so hot. Makes me wanna fuck you again." Cam grabbed me by the waist and kissed me hard. "Lets go inside and get a little rest. Trust me. you'll need it later." Cam grabbed my hand and lead me in. We went back to the living room. We both laid together and Cam spooned me. We fell asleep for about 2 1/2 hours. We heard D and G coming down the stairs. "Aawww, you guys look so cute together. I opened my eyes and saw D standing over us. Cam kissed the back of my head. "Where's G?" I asked D. "He's inside getting everything ready for breakfast. Now, get up." D said pulling the sheet off of us. I sat up and asked "D, you think we could take a quick shower before we eat?" "Yea, you guys can. Only if you promise not to fuck in there." We agreed. We grabbed our change of clothes from Cam's backpack. We ran upstairs. I hadn't even taken my shirt off and Cam was all over me. "Cam, no." He laughed and moved away. We got in and started cleaning up. Cam kissed my neck and back. I could feel his hard on poking my back. He had already cleaned up. I was finishing up when I looked behind me and saw Cam leaning against the wall of the shower jerking off. He looked so hot. I got instantly hard. I wanted to jerk off too but I could never really get off in the shower. A few seconds later he said he was coming. I knelt in front of him and as soon as he started coming I started sucking him and went all the way down to the base. He grabbed the back of my head with one hand and bit fist with the other. Once he stopped shooting I stood up and turned the water off. We dried each other off and got dressed. I unlocked and opened the door. D was standing there. "Oh, hey! I was coming to get you. Breakfast is ready." He said and walked away. That seemed a little weird. We all ate. D started going on about what he thought we could all do. At first we had all made plans to spend the day together. But last night at the party Cam and I agreed that we just wanted to spend the day together. Do our own thing. We told D how we felt. G was fine with it but D didn't seem to happy. But we just explained that we just wanted to spend some time with each other. I don't know why he was making such a big deal out of it. G was perfectly fine with it. But D was going on how he had changed his plans to hang out with us. He was really looking forward to hanging out with us because they don't have many "gay" couple to hang out with. I tried to tell him we had other days. It wasn't really a big deal. We agreed to hang out later during the week. Cam and I got our stuff ready to leave. We said our good-byes and got in his car. Cam grabbed and held my hand as we drove off. That day was perfect. We had coffee, walked around, caught a movie, talked and went out that night. The next few days were awesome. We would go to class, go to work and worked out. Cam would always be with me at my place. If he went to his place it would be just for a little bit. Grab a few things and than leave. I hadn't asked him to move in yet. It was always on my mind. But I kept holding off. I wanted to know if he would ask first. Everything was going great. It was...perfect. But as we all know nothing is ever perfect. Very little did I know that this was only the calm before the storm.


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